Saturday, March 07, 2009

Social Tip #30 - Gateway Drugs

When I was in middle school I knew this kid who was forced to to take Ritalin even though he hated it, and it was a daily event to watch him get chased through the halls by the school nurse. I went back to my hometown recently and found out he had become a heroine addict.

I watched the Care Bears today and found a designer coffee shop on the main drag of Care Bear Square. It turns out that Care Bears are really ramped up on the last legal addictive stimulant, and that is why they stare. Also on the block was Surprise Bear's Methadone Clinic and a Mac Genius Bar.

Hey DEA, if your looking for the modern gateway drug, I'd start with Saturday morning cartoons and the public school system.

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skizzbot said...

Was there a Hot Topic for Grumpy Bear? I always had a feeling he was hiding his cuttings under that blue fur...