Saturday, March 28, 2009

Social Tip #48 - Advice on Starting a Blog

Here is another installment of my burgeoning advice column. Please feel free to send in your own questions.

The question:
Dear Myka,
I'm starting a blog. I need to trick people into reading my blog. People seem to read your blog. As someone who has clearly tricked people into reading her blog, how would you suggest I trick people into reading mine?
My advice:
Dear Blogtarded,
First off, you are doing a great job already with the short sentences. People don't like to have their thoughts connected for them, so keep up the good work!
Now, as for your question, you could always do what I do and "trick" people into reading your blog by being interesting. Ill help you get started with some interesting topics:

- The very first time you got caught masturbating at school
- The very last time you saw your sister alive
- The best and worst day of your life ( I stole this one from City Slickers, but its still good)
- List the erogenous zones and their origins

This should be enough to initiate some traffic.

The next thing you should do is pick a family member and exploit their flaws for comedic value. Allow that family member to cut all ties with you and let them die first having never said goodbye. Feel guilty about it for the rest of your life.



myq said...

Follow-up question:

How do you get people to comment on your blog?

Myka Fox said...

It seems I should be asking you that.

Why did you comment on my blog?

myq said...

You are good.