Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Social Tip #39 - Who's Your Daddy?

I was walking down the street and I heard this guy behind me saying "Who's your daddy? Who's your daddy?"

I turned around and I saw some middle-aged guy talking to a three year old kid.

What the fuck was going on there? Was it his kid, and he was trying to console the kid by reassuring him that his father was there? Or was it some random lost child and this guy was trying to help?

Either way, why doesn't this guy know he can't say that anymore? "Who's your daddy?" has been commandeered by the sexually active community and can never be uttered genuinely again.



myq said...

It also seems like the wrong question word to use...

The kid might not know the daddy's name.

So wouldn't "WHERE's your daddy" be more appropriate in this situation?

Or "WHY's your daddy abandoned you?"

Anything but "who."

Myka Fox said...

Yes, and the guy might not know the daddy's name either, rendering that information unhelpful.

I think you've covered the most appropriate interrogative pronouns, but I think the other two are STILL better than "who."

For example:

"WHAT's your daddy? Is he rich?"


"WHEN's your daddy going to pay this ransom?"