Thursday, March 19, 2009

Social Tip #40 - Going in the Wrong Direction

I went for a walk today and noticed a pile of puke. Then I looked up and saw the man who puked it, in mid-puke.

It seems that I should have noticed the man first, not the other way around. But also, in a perfect world, I should have seen the food go into his mouth, not out of it. So I guess it fits and I'll let this one slide. Slide out of his mouth and onto the sidewalk and onto a pile of trash in the curb.

My life is like the movie "Memento", but with vomit.*
*I never saw "Memento"


skizzbot said...

No, you pretty much got the gist of Momento. Puke everywhere. Wait, no. Eh, fuck it, I like your version better anyway. Less Joe Pantaloni, but more puke! Aces!

Myka Fox said...

This is also like Memento, now I know what the movie is about before I watch it.