Thursday, March 26, 2009

Social Tip #44 - Denying Anne Frank

In keeping with my New Year's resolution- read more- I decided to pick up Anne Frank's latest novel, The Diary of Anne Frank.

It is an amazing book, and extremely well-written for a thirteen-year-old girl. Isn't it a little too well-written? A little too inspirational?

I don't think Anne wrote this book. I'm not saying she didn't go through those terrible experiences, I'm not a holocaust denier.

I'm an Anne Frank denier.

What kind of kid is forced into hiding and writes, "The queerest events have taken place today, diary"?

If Anne Frank's diary were actually written by a thirteen-year-old it would more likely go like this:

"HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!! The Germans are trying to exterminate me and no one is ever going to touch my boobs!"


"Mean Nazis Suck! LOL! ^-^"


BrianAlt said...

Yeah, can't picture my 13 year old writing that. And she's an excellent writer (for 13).

SewFear said...

It's pretty much like a movie. Loosely based on an diary that a girl had in an attic, that we took apon ourselves to make some artistic changes and editing, for entertainment value.

CiViX said...

Hey Myka, have you visited my blog and given yourself 5 stars? :-)

Nice, thanks ;-)

apples said...

I imagine the translation into English did quite a bit to the book..

If you read the original, in Dutch, you might not think it's too well written :)