Sunday, March 08, 2009

Social tip #31 - Technological Advancement

My Dad loves Myspace.

He put a lot of work into his profile. His headline says, "Party with me." Under who I'd like to meet he wrote, "Hot friendly affectionate chicks, party animals, rock stars, porn stars, Alicia Silverstone. Get the picture?" Under the category of children he wrote, "I don't want children."

Here is a message I got from him on Mysapce:
Subject Line: Phone etc

Body: How r u? Your phone's dead. Did u get evicted? Where r u living?
My father, ladies and gentleman. He is 57 years old (47 on Myspace), and he logs onto a dead social networking site to befriend strippers he has met while out "clubbin,'" and to ask me serious questions about my life in text abbreviations. This is what I wrote back...
Subject Line: Evthang Kewl
Body: I H8 evikshun. Sold my phone 4 drugs LOL. Livng on street with crakt out homeless man etc. TTYL!
It reminds me of the time my sister texted me to tell me about my grandfather.
From Heather: Grandpa died. Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld.


myq said...

The camera adds 10 pounds and the Myspace subtracts 10 years.

Myka Fox said...

Are you saying my dad is fat?

katya said...

i laughed so hard until I got to the text from you sister... that's horrible!

Daddy Dearest said...

My original intention was that I didn't want any MORE children, but after this blog I think not wanting ANY children is more appropriate!

heather said...

Perhaps if Myka ever picked up her phone, we wouldn't need to send her important info by text or e-mail to get her to call us back.

And in my defense, at least it was a timely text...unlike the time with aunt bea....