Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Social Tip #34 - The Homeless

I am fascinated by homeless people, but am too afraid to look directly at them. I assume it would result in a conversation like this:
Homeless Person: Are you staring at my bad eye?

Me: No, I'm staring at your good eye.
That is why I've created a new reality show. You take nine homeless people and you put them in a house. And then you let them live there. No crew, no cameras, just a place to live. I call it "Homeless House."

Also, universal health care would be nice.


myq said...

You could also give them jobs like they do in the "real world," and they could have to build more homes, so instead of voting people out of the house, they could vote more homeless people INTO houses in the future.

Then when everyone has a home, the show is over.


skizzbot said...

I like Myq's idea here. I'd watch a bunch of homeless people using power tools. You listening TV bigwigs?! Let's get this going! Chop chop!

Myka Fox said...

All America needs is viewer support to make a success out of Socialism.