Saturday, January 24, 2009

Social Tip #9: That Sounds Funny

Comedy is the prism that focuses the confusion of truth. Bad jokes focus the confusion of stupidity.
Other Person: You can hang at my brodown*, if you want to inspect my itchy zone!
Me: No.
Humans are like dolphins, rewarding their behavior encourages it. As such, faking a laugh encourages the production of friendship poison.
Other Person: ...and he thought I was the one who spelled his name wrong!
Me: (Laughing time?)
Train the dolphins. Reward the good behavior, ignore the bad.
Other Person: I told her I could definitely fuck a ho in those shoes!
Me: That sounds funny.
Saying that sounds funny without laughing afterward subtly acknowledges that a joke has been attempted without remuneration. The other person gets to sound like they're funny, and I get to sound like I'm not about to excuse myself from the conversation by pointing to a destination far away and then walking in the opposite direction. Dolphins.
Other Person: Eeee! Eeee Eeee Eeee! Eeeeeeeeee!
Me: That sounds funny.
*Brodown - n. As in a hoedown, but with your bros.

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