Saturday, January 31, 2009

Social Tip #13 - Listening

When I need to look like I'm listening to someone, I fix my eyes on theirs. Then, in the privacy of my mouth, I trace my teeth with my tongue. It's a little way to retain control in a world full of sad gossips and rule followers.

I started this practice when I was in elementary school to escape from the information being shoved in my face. I would tongue the inside of my mouth and think, you can make me attend school, but you can't me want to learn. You think that I'm thinking about the branches of government, but really I am thinking that only I decide what I think about. I wonder how much spit I can collect?

Another trick shutting my eyes and mashing them with my hands to create phosphenes. I pretended they were the red walls of a never-ending tunnel to hell. It relaxed me. Of course, eventually a teacher would think I was sleeping and tell me to wake up and I would be back in class. Maybe the tunnel never ended, but I was sure hell was on one side of it.

I wouldn't recommend going down the tunnel of hell during conversation. Most people can tell when the person they are talking to is poking fingers in their eyes. If they can't, then you can probably just leave.


Kevin Tor said...

I feel like this happens when we talk. It does doesn't it? It's cool.

Myka Fox said...

No way, never with you. You are interesting and have a gillion youtube hits. (wink!)