Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Social Tip #100 (!) - BOW DOWN

I hate a lot of people, so I emanate hate a lot, maybe. And sometimes the wrong people pick up on it, they get caught in the cross-fire. Like, I am shooting them with the opposite of Cupid's arrows. Arrows that hurt instead of feel good, hate arrows. I'm a hate cupid. What does that make me, like, an archer?


BrianAlt said...

Only met you once, and briefly at that. I thought you were cool.

Congrats on 100!

Ant said...

I've never met you in person of course but I hear you from katg, comical radio, etc. I can tell your a really sweet person but when negative things happen it really bugs you and so people might read it wrong when it has nothing to do with them. The same thing happens to me sometimes but I suck at being social and keep to my self so that makes it worst for me. BTW I just added you on twitter don't follow me I'm soooo boring lol and I just lost my job last month so I'm extra boring at the moment. Stay happy youz!