Friday, April 17, 2009

Social Tip # 62 - Avoidance

Hi. I've been neglecting the blog this week to take care of:

1) Taxes (And no, I still have not finished them and have not gotten an extension.)

2) Eviction Court (And no, my crazy roommate has still not been removed from my apartment but instead has started a collection of empty coffee cans and old newspapers on the kitchen floor... perhaps to prepare for a life as a homeless person? Have I even mentioned this nut bag before? This isn't the guy who pees in Coke bottles, this is the 50 year old bike messenger who decided one day to stop paying rent. I will miss him, he has incredible OCD that causes him to bleach out the shower once a week. It's great, I haven't had to clean the toilet once in the two years I've lived here.)

3) Work (Trying to get work, trying to keep the work I've got. Trying to work is work.)

I will write more provocative content soon. Until then, here is a picture of a crazy lady:

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