Friday, April 10, 2009

Social Tip #60 - Live Twittering

I went to the park yesterday and saw a guy with a gigantic parachute looking kite thing. Every now and then it lifted and it looked like he might catch flight, but he never did. I was about to ask him if he was trying to fly when a bunch of teenagers screamed from behind me,
"Are you gonna fly?"

"No," the guy answered, annoyed.
What a gigantic fucking tool. He was definitely the biggest tool in the park. If I had Twitter on my phone, I could let everyone know. There had to be a way to make my every thought and observation known.
"I am looking at the biggest tool in the park," I said out loud, addressing anyone in my range.
I was live Twittering.

Then, someone behind me said,
"Yeah, he is."
He commented on my live Twitter, and we had a real life Wall-to-Wall exchange.


myq said...

Thanks for blogging about this live action twitter event!

(For anyone who might not have been around to catch the live twitter feed...
I will announce it to the people in my proximity as well.)

Myka Fox said...

This guy is the biggest tool on my blog.