Thursday, July 09, 2009

Social Tip #107 - GIVE IT UP

There are a million TV shows telling people they should lose weight, and Suze Ormon wants you to stop using your credit cards because you can't afford it, and Intervention wants to get all of those drug addicts and alcoholics the treatment they desperately need. They're even trying to get Scott Baio to settle down or he might keep having sex with whoever the fuck he wants to for another thirty years.

The only addictive thing that anyone wants to keep around is the television.


Ian P said...

Another great post Myka!

Personally, I think addiction is BS. People say that the human mind is a wonderous thing, but then turn around and say that things like nicotine, alcohol, drugs, TV, and sex is addictive. You know what, if the mind was such a wonderous thing, you would think that people would be able to kick bad habbits such as smoking and drinking. The fact is that these addictions is about mind over matter and the mind could kick the habbit. The problem is, that most people don't WANT to kick their addictions. If people really wanted to stop drinking, they would. Its all about will power and the fact is most people simply do not have it (or don't want to have it).

Myka Fox said...

Thanks for the compliment!

With regards to your theory, it is only correct that people can give up addictions through sheer will if the mind really is such a wondrous thing, as you and "people" have said. I would like to suggest that people become addicts because the mind ISN'T stronger than the drug. It is true that many people don't want to kick their habit, but I am sure there are plenty of people who do. Smokers are a particularly good example of a group who would like to quit but cannot. Tobacco is not a strong enough drug to distance people from their problems, so smokers are not necessarily hiding behind their drug, they just cannot quit because their brains have become dependent on it. Weak brain, not weak will. I don't know, as I write this now, I am frustrated. How to separate the brain from the will?