Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Social Tip #183 - Drink Iced Coffee

I got into an argument with a pro-lifer outside a coffee shop. She tried to prove a fetus was alive by telling me that it already had fingernails and tooth buds.

Yeah? So does a corpse. I think you need to narrow your definition of alive.

If the woman hadn't thrown hot coffee in my face, I imagine the pro-lifer's next logical point would be to say that a corpse doesn't have a beating heart.

And I would say, a chicken has a beating heart, but nobody puts a "Chicken On Board" sign on the back of their car. Would you trap your fetus in a cage until you eventually cut its head off and watched it run around with blood spurting out of its neck? No, you wouldn't, because unlike a stupid chicken, a fetus can't run.

Then the pro-lifer would throw hot coffee in my face again.


Ian from Baltimore said...


I miss you on KATG, sweetie! Please come back soon.

-Ian from Baltimore

Myka Fox said...

Thanks, Ian! I think I'm going to be hanging out at KATG tonight I think, and I'm scheduled to be back on January 27th.

BrianAlt said...

Please tell me you didn't get coffee thrown in your face. That would just be gross!

Oscar Devonian said...

Was it good coffee?

Myka Fox said...

coffee is always good, it's coffee.