Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Social Tip #188 - Hate By Numbers

If most of these women think they've made a mistake having an abortion, then most of these women probably made a mistake thinking they've made a mistake. They make mistakes all the time, who can say which mistakes are really mistakes?

The only people who have definitely made mistakes are the statisticians. I bet ninety percent of women who have had abortions aren't even alive.



Anonymous said...

This is the most awesome shit I've ever read. Hands down.

BrianAlt said...

Wow, what assholes!

Kiki Kaliski said...

"Everyone responds positively to these models, especially children."

"Kids just love these babies."

I'm pretty sure that if I received one of these for any occasion, I'd cry. And most likely burn the thing.
It's absolutely terrifying.