Monday, May 18, 2009

Social Tip #77 - HAPPY BIRTH YEAR

Someone told me that they had a relationship with the year they were born in, and then asked me about mine. I said I felt pretty good about it. I was born in 1981, the year that AIDS was discovered.

No matter what I do, no one will ever be able to say I was the worst thing to come out of 1981.


Annie said...

Hee! I have just the opposite issue: I was born in 1969 - man walked on the moon, Woodstock occurred that summer, and (most important) Sesame Street started that year.

Really, I have no shot at being even in the top five best things from that year... ;-)

myq said...

I think if you ruin as many lives as AIDS has, you could get in the running.

Sure, it's a long shot, as AIDS has pretty much taken care of most of Africa, but there are a few other continents you can lay waste to.

If you put your mind to it, you can do anything you want.

emilia cataldo said...

also the year mtv was born.