Monday, February 08, 2010

Social Tip #197 - Fuck You, Cookie

I got two fortunes in my fortune cookie. The first one read: Follow your sense of humor, it will never lead you astray. The second read: Just kidding.

Fuck you, cookie.


BrianAlt said...

When I was growing up, my dad always told us his fortune said:

"You're stuck with the check, fat boy!"

myq said...

Brian, it's a great example to the world to see that not all English writing created by Asian people has to be stereotypically ungrammatical.

Unless you just edited your dad's joke to eliminate a written Asian example. Then you are the positive example.

BrianAlt said...

Or the third possibility.

Perhaps it wasn't written at all.

I never actually saw the fortune, so any grammatical errors are mine and mine alone.

Vishravars said...

Good one dude. Blog looks pretty deep and interesting

Anonymous said...

I love this blog!