Thursday, December 31, 2009

Social Tip #181 - Blessed Be Those Guys

The only people who should believe in God are the people who have everything, or the people who have nothing, because those are the people who either appreciate him or need him the most. Everyone else has had to work alone for their meager scraps.Was God there when my electricity went out for only a couple days? What was the master plan then? Let there be light... after a little while.

But don't you remember when your footprints weren't there?

Yes. There are never any footprints, because I'm not rich enough to live near a beach. You haven't blessed me with a beach house. If God was handing out blessings, he could have blessed me more, is all I am saying.


Apollo Creed said...


David said...

Yes o wise one You sound like you're related to me

BrianAlt said...

Are you trying out for the next season of Jersey Shore?

Sterling Colins said...

even if you could get near a beach at the end of the poem footprints it said "no fatties".