Thursday, December 10, 2009

Social Tip #177 - Eating Fake Meat is in Pork Taste

Scientists are growing pork out of stem-cells now. Finally, the no-pig-eating rule is all making sense; God didn't want us to quit eating bacon, he just wanted us to stay away from the pink hunk in the petri dish. The race is on as scholars search ancient texts for answers to our newest religious dilemma: are stem-cells kosher?

Some people say they would never eat something that was grown with the same science that grew an ear on a rat's back. I say good. More stem-cell sausage for me. That sounds like the fountain of youth.


BrianAlt said...

Can the mouse hear better now?

Certainly gives new meaning to the phrase, "making a pig's ear of it."

Apollo Creed said...

@ Myka - Sounds good. For all we know, Stem Cell Sausage is more delicious than regular sausage. Personally, I am looking forward to Pickled Stem Cell Pigs Feet.

@ BrianAlt - I don't know what world you live in, but "making a pigs ear of it' is not a phrase that I hear often. In fact, I had to look it up to even know what the F you meant. Does that make me stupid? or Does it make you an arse for bringing up a saying that nobody knows?

BrianAlt said...

It makes me an arse, for sure.

Oh, and what the fuck is an 'arse'?

Don't hate cause I'm smarter than you.

Apollo Creed said...

Sorry for confusing you.

Arse = Ass

Guess you aren't as smart as your douchy picture makes you look.

BrianAlt said...

Keep hating, it's very healthy.