Sunday, December 06, 2009

Social Tip #175 - Beg, Barstow, or Steal

"That Kool-Aid is the only thing keeping the Ritalin working."

-Marc, the only mechanic in Barstow*, speaking of his son who had a permanent red stain around his mouth.

*Barstow is a freeway-exit town whose only commerce is accommodating the traffic that blows between the two most damned cities in the country, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. A few years ago I got stuck in Barstow on the way back from a Vegas trip that involved eating an entire rotisserie chicken in the shower with my friends while we hot-boxed the bathroom with pot smoke and steam. That should have been the most disgusting meal of my life, but a two day stint in Barstow provided the opportunity to have all my meals at the only restaurant in town, Mollie's Kountry Kitchen, a place where the waitress cleaned the tables by wiping them down with her bare hands.

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Sterling Colins said...

I had a similar experience in Winnamucca, Nevada with my sister and I. Our car broke down. I don't smoke but my sister had the bathroom covered. I of course found the nearest liquor store and drank 300ml of Jager before they could say public intoxication.

They had a lame little gambling place which we lost five dollars cause we didn't know how to play anything. So we got a shit load of food chinese cause they seemed to have a lot of chinese food in that town? and passed out in our ghetto hotel. It was awesome!

But the next day we jet so fast out of there if I had left my laptop behind I wouldn't have gone back for it.