Sunday, October 18, 2009

Social Tip #155 - Slide Into Home

If I were ever to become homeless, I wouldn't stay homeless.

Option One: Sneak into an old drafty mansion with lots of heavy drapery, pretend to be a ghost.

Option Two: The Peace Corps

Option Three: Hide under a child's bed, pretend to be a monster.


Ian from Baltimore said...

With all of the vacant homes in this nation, there should be NO homeless people. Just find one and live there....even a house with no power is better than living on the streets.

Myka Fox said...

True!I always used to wonder about that myself. There's a decent number of squatters in NYC. Everyone should shack up in a vacant in a warm climate and wait for the winter/recession to blow over.

Sterling Colins said...

#1 How many perfectly intact (and just a little dusty)huge mansions are just sitting around for you to squat in?

#2 If you are homeless, do you really have the resources, money or even motivation to join the peace corp?

#3 Well you have to be a hot white chick to be #3. Or else you will go to jail, even if you are related to the kid.

If I were homeless, I would live in the forest, and come back into town to beg for moneys.