Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Social Tip #158 - Make 'Em Laugh

When telling a joke, never assume people know you aren't a racist.


Sterling Colins said...

That's the great thing about being black, I'm the pope of racism. When someone say something racist, they turn to me and I just give a nod or a hand wave and say they are forgiven and all is as it was.

I decide what is offensive or not, even for other races.

Loves it!

BrianAlt said...

A good rule to live by.

I started blogging again -

Ian from Baltimore said...

So, which one isn't a racist? Obama or Dunham?

BrianAlt said...

Maybe they knew he was racist?

andrew crawford said...

Great picture, except Dunham's T-shirt should say "Wall Street."