Monday, September 21, 2009

Social Tip #144 - Get Out Of My Space

Now that Facebook has rendered it obsolete, I am disgusted by Myspace. The top friends, the sparkly sticker comments, the shitty bands. Whenever I go back to check up on my old Myspace account, I feel like I am being molested by a former version of myself.


Ian from Baltimore said...

You said it Myka. MySpace is so 2007.

Sterling Colins said...

Idk Myka, what about people constantly hacking into my account? Having 10 new comments by the same person that says "I bought you for ____ $!How much do you cost?!" and I am kinda gonna miss being able to have a billion little icons of tinkerbell, emo chuck taylors, and ride or die bitch.

eRock said...

I just deleted mine the other day. I can't say I'm missing the myspace at all.