Thursday, November 12, 2009

Social Tip #167 - Be A Good Sport

I watched the World Series, I can't believe major league baseball players have to hi-5 the other team after they lose. They might as well make prosecutors high-5 the the player's defense attorneys after getting them off of rape charges.



BrianAlt said...

Actually, I'm pretty sure they don't do this in baseball. In fact if you watch the end of a playoff series you'll see the other team sitting on the bench, dejected, sometimes crying, and they go from there into the locker room. You will see the team congratualate each other in this way though.

Hockey still does this after a playoff series. They line up and shake hands. There have actually been fights during these line ups.

Yay sportsmanship!

Sterling Colins said...

That used to be my favorite part. At my soccer games I used to spit in my hand and line up. They weren't smiling anymore. Fuck you sportsmanship!

If you stop cheering when you win, I'll stop spitting in my hand.