Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Social Tip #166 - Rinse And Repeat

"Having a vagina is a pre-existing condition."

-My friend Ruben, warning me about the public option's abortion policy


Sterling Colins said...

But you don't seek out tumors and want to stick your dick in their lumpyness. You don't want to cure a vagina. Actually 90% of what guys do, revolves around getting one or two.

But Vagina's man! I got one! I like it! I don't want to return it! I just want a man and a penis to complete the set!

I'm love Myka Fox! Crazy Myka Foxy!!!

BrianAlt said...

Need I mention again what I think about the condition?

Apollo Creed said...

I hope that pic is of a tree (and not your Vag, Myka). If so, I hope you and Myq use all kinds of lube.

Myka Fox said...

Sterling: Of course I wouldn't want to remove my vag. Or maybe I would, and just keep the clit. I'll have to think about this one. In any case, my concern isn't so much about my cookie (i hate that term for it), but more about the screaming jelly hands that can grow inside it once it is paired with a penis.

Brian - Yes. What condition? What?

Apollo - It is not a pic of my vag, its a pic of myq's peen.

Anonymous said...