Monday, November 02, 2009

Social Tip #161 - Dissolve The Phrase

Wheel of Fortune went to historic Boston this week. The talented lineup: Crazy-Eyed Tina who constantly requested the letter "Ahh," Lena the Snore, and abusive alcoholic (just a guess) Todd, who cursed in the left corner of the screen while Tina was winning. When asked to introduce his family, Todd said, "This is my gorgeous wife, Kathy."

Nice try. If a woman is gorgeous, you don't need to announce it. And how demeaning.

I doubt his wife introduces him with, "This is my handsome husband, Todd."

Todd was hot.


Sterling Colins said...

Wheel of Fortune is to Family Feud, is Jeopardy is to Do you want to be a Millionaire? You don't watch it cause you enjoy it. You just watch it cause it makes you feel like a little bit less of a dumbass. But it's all the same.

BrianAlt said...

The abusive ones always are, aren't they?

And, what's with Sterling? Is she some kind of stalker or something? ;-)

Sterling Colins said...

yeah I'm a little creeper, I'm not gonna lie! Jk jk....Best blog on the nizzet

Myka Fox said...

Welcome Sterling, Thanks for the stalking. I hope I also make you feel a little bit less like a dumbass.

Benjamin said...

As soon as you introduce your wife as "My Gorgeous Wife ..." everyone's judgement knobs go up to 11. You can't help it! And nobody needs that, especially women, who're always getting judged by other women already.

I prefer to control my own judgement knob, not have it forced to max setting by some cheeseball goober proclaiming his wife's attractiveness.