Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Social Tip #233 - Hooked On A Feline

Do you ever hear something and you know immediately that it's true?

I found out recently that there's a parasite that you get from cats, and the parasite makes your brain like cats more. You think you're in control of your brain, you're not. The parasites are in your brain and are like, "I love cats." And I know that that's true because anytime there's a cat nearby I just want to kiss it immediately. I just want to have mouth to mouth contact with its cute parasitic face. I just want to make out with it, and put my mouth around its head and just hold it there, they're so cute. That's the parasites, right? I'm not just some weird cat pervert.


JuliofromNY said...

Wow?! I had no idea

Utilitopia said...

I think cocaine carries a similar parasite. Man is that hard to get rid of.

qjg said...

In side the parasite there is a little John Malkovich controlling everything.