Thursday, April 01, 2010

Social Tip #213 - Find Shlomo

It depresses me to see twins and triplets dressed up the same, and today I saw over one hundred Hasidic Jews in the park. It's wrong to say that any one race looks alike, but they are doing it on purpose.

It's like a practical joke by the Jews on everyone else, originally, and now on themselves.

"Hey uh, lets all freak everyone out and wear the same thing tomorrow. And everyday. Forever. It'll be a hoot."

Their world is a Hasidic Where's Waldo.


Muffled Intellect said...

lol living in brooklyn i know exactly what you mean, the hasidic jews by williamsburg dress the same and he women all have this robotic stepford wife thing going on,lol its scary and entertaining at the same time,lol

Rebecca said...

im a jew. and no we dont all look alike.

Myka Fox said...

Rebecca - I'm a jew too (culturally, not practicingly), of course we are not born looking the same. I was referring to the jews that follow the orthodox or hasidic dress code requirements. Are you one of those?

BrianAlt said...

I'm a Jew and I look just like Myka Fox.

Eric Alder said...

What, you didn't know Jews invented the flash mob?