Monday, August 17, 2009

Social Tip #124 - TAKE ONE TO KNOW ONE

Someone recently commented on my blog that I was "fucking brilliant." I really wanted to enjoy being brilliant, but my boyfriend pointed out that I didn't know the commenter personally.

"How do you know if that compliment is worth anything? What would you say if the commenter was retarded?"

I would say, "Who taught you that word? Who taught you 'brilliant'?"

Photo by Articulate Matter


BrianAlt said...

Maybe they just meant that Myq was brilliant?

Myka Fox said...

Well then that proves they're not retarded.

Merrick said...

I do believe Myq is brilliant and by proxy you must be as well. Frankly, I'm somewhat offended that he would insinuate that I'm anything less than mensa-caliber. That said, I've sent the permalink of that pimp story to no fewer than 25 people (some MIT Astrophysicists and people even smarter than that) who have all agreed that it was utterly hilarious. Is it safe to say that I'm the commenter that you were referring? If not, then I take back all of the above and tell Myq to suck it! He's just mad that I haven't given him his propers but he should know I admire him greatly if not believe him to be equally brilliant. Of course, I'm a retard so this is all invalidated