Friday, August 07, 2009

Social Tip #119 - LOOK ALIVE

Medical advancements are weird. They can't fully fix you or keep you alive forever, they just sort of extend your life. It's basically like saying, "So, you want to stick around for another twenty years?"

I guess so, I don't know. Now there are more options? It's hard enough coming up with the courage to kill myself, and here you are, forcing me to make the decision to live longer? You monsters.

Photo by Articulate Matter


Ian P said...

You raise a good point. 50 years ago, life expectancy was about 60 years. Now, life expectancy is around 75+. This brings up all kinds of issues such as who is paying for those extra 15 years of life you are living, especially if you don't have enough saved up to keep you comfortable. And for every person dying at 60, there is another person living until they are 90. That is an extra 30 years of life. If that LE age keeps going up, in another 50 years, you can expect to live to 100. Have you SEEN the 100 year olds now a days? YIKES!

BrianAlt said...

One of the biggest debates over this health care bill is, "end of life counselling." The point being, if you really don't want to live longer, you can figure out ways to make the end of your life comfortable.

And some idiots think this is bad! Sheesh!