Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Social Tip #18 - Respecting Superiors

I used to wear a shirt that read MY FATHER DIED IN A BAKING ACCIDENT. It's a line from a play I was in during high school, everyone who performed in that play got that shirt.

I wore it to work, and my boss asked me what the shirt was about. I told him that a bunch of them were handed out at my father's funeral. There was a terrible oven explosion that took his life, but he had a wonderful sense of humor and would have seen the irony in his death. He would have loved the shirt.

My boss said, "Oh, I'm sorry about that."

I said, "I'm just kidding. My father is a dentist. He is still alive."

My boss said, "My father died from cancer."

I said, "Oh, did you get a shirt?"


skizzbot said...

I love my "My Father Died of Cancer" bedazzled sweater! Goes perfectly with my "My Mother was Eaten by a Mountain Lion" track pants!

katya said...

Since I didn't get a shirt saying that, from singing in the chorus, I assume that part didn't really happen... but it would be really fun to wear :).