Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Social Tip #222 - Clear the Smoke Screen

I hate that weed is called a "gateway drug."

Weed isn't a gateway to anything. It isn't a gateway to other drugs, it isn't a gateway to a career, it isn't a gateway to washing your clothes.

Weed isn't a gateway to anything, except maybe thinking about getting more weed, the only side effect of which is stoner stress.

*stoner stress (n) - A weed smoker's anxiety that his drug dealer will arrive before he has had a chance to hit the ATM.


XOXO said...

Thank you.
It's time that someone spoke out against inappropriate labeling of inanimate things.


BrianAlt said...

I could be the gateway to a career if you want to be a drug dealer.

Sidney said...

Perfection - if it's not worrying about grabbing cash it's worrying about how you're gonna smoke it...pipe, joint, bong...oh the possibilities.

Definitely not a gateway drug though - you're right about that one.